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Statistical Process control is a tool, use of statistical techniques to identify the process behavior, to take precautionary action to control and also predict on potential problems which could occur in the process. This is really a tool kit comprises of many statistical techniques to apply as appropriate to the situation.

The knowledge of application of SPC is vital to control and continue the process with a minimum deviation and variation. Application of SPC techniques enhance operatives to understand the process behavior and take appropriate actions  towards improvement of quality of the process output finally the overall achievement of productivity.

This course is designed to provide basic knowledge on SPC to understand the process control techniques and its importance. Specially interested parties to work with better understanding, work sense and also as a foundation to next step of continues learning.  

5S” is a sequence of actions, named by the first 5 letters of Sorting, Setting, Shining, Standardizing & Sustaining. This is system to organize the work place efficient, effective, safe and free waste. The course is designed to make the operatives understand the value of “5S” and to enhance efficient teamwork for the implementation of “5S”. This is a fundamental programme to get understand the instructions and to contribute sensibly towards successful implementation & maintenance of 5S in the workplace.

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